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September 21, 2019

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Get Ready For the Gold Bull Run

The gold bull run has been talked about for years and years, as industry experts continue to raise the ceiling for this commodity, even suggesting that it has no peak. But a short term run could be just weeks away if historical patterns reveal anything. The potential run up in gold will have nothing to do with the rampant money printing by the Fed, inflationary scares, the fact that central banks are buying up the precious metal, or even threats of a collapsing economy. Instead, the momentum for gold for the last two months of the year could boil down to a few lines on a graph.

As far as gold trading is concerned, few stretches are more profitable for gold than November and December. In fact, in most years that momentum has carried all the way into February. More...

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Competition To Buy Physical Gold Is Fierce
With many global investors still concerned about the recent price action in gold and silver, today King World News interviewed the “London Trader” to get his take on these markets. The source assured KWN that “... we are not going to see a waterfall decline in the gold market.” The source also said, “... the competition to buy physical is extremely fierce right now.”

King World News has now released a total of three written interviews with the London Trader. Due to recent market action, these interviews covering the gold and silver markets were released as soon as possible.

Here is what the source had to say in Part I: “In the past we have seen waterfall type declines when small speculators are heavily leveraged. But the market has changed..." More...

Another stock crash like 1987’s is inevitable
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Prepare yourself for another stock market crash as big as the free fall in October 1987.

That’s a daunting prospect indeed, since at current levels such a decline would mean the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA +0.04% would plunge by more than 3,000 points in a single trading session.

And we’re kidding ourselves if we think that market regulatory reforms such as circuit breakers will be able to prevent it.

These sobering truths are what emerge from a fascinating line of recent academic research into the frequency of market crashes. Recognizing them is perhaps the best way for us to respect this week’s 25th anniversary of the Oct. 19, 1987 Crash, when the Dow plunged 22.6%. More...

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