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September 21, 2019

Checklist for unresolved gold transaction

Occasionally precious metal and numismatic coin buyers are unhappy with their purchases for a variety of reasons. GNW wants to help you find answers and get your problem solved.

Please check the box(s) that you feel best represents your issue(s):

  1. I have not yet taken delivery of my gold/coin purchase(s).
  2. I only received a portion of what I ordered and paid for.
  3. I was not told there was a difference between "ask" price (what I paid) and the "bid" price (what I can sell back for).
  4. I sent my coins to liquidate but have never receive payment.
  5. I bought "certified" coins that other brokers do not recognize.
  6. I was not advised about downside risk in the gold/coin markets.
  7. I may have been overcharged. How do I determine fair value?
  8. The gold/coin dealer says the coins I bought are "backordered".
  9. The dealer said they'd store my gold/coins, but they're now gone.
  10. All other questions related to sale or purchase of precious metals and coins.
GNW will look into the matter and potentially forward your coit to the Numismatic Consumer Alliance and report back to you..


With the increased public interest in owning precious metals for financial safety and profit also comes an increased risk of gold coin consumer fraud.

Numismatic Consumer Alliance (NCA)

How To Protect Yourself from Investment Gold Scams Consumer Alert: 5 Steps Before Buying Gold - (video)

How to Protect Yourself from Investment Gold Scams

Consumer Alert: 5 Steps Before Buying Gold

It's smart to consider acquiring precious metals for financial safety and profit potential, but watch out for gold coin con artists and fraudsters.

If you intend to buy bullion or U.S rare coins as a long-term investment, Your best protection is to first invest some time learning about coin investments.

For example, beware of unsolicited calls offering to sell precious metals based on claims you can make money overnight, with little risk, by purchasing metal through a financing agreement. (read 7 warning signs from CFTC.gov)

7 Warning Signs from Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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